Book Review: Long Walk To Freedom

Long walk to Freedom

If you can’t run, then walk…Just keep moving forward

When I first read Nelson Mandela’s: Long Walk to Freedom….It made me feel that because he was free and now the President of South Africa that all Blacks were now free indeed. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

And then in 2008, Americans elected a black president and elected him again four years later. The question we could ask ourselves today though is: Are we really free? We may not be imprisoned behind bars, but are blacks free to live the rich and satisfying lives that they deserve?

With the frequent well-publicized public lynching of black people in the USA, it is clear that others are intimidated by our freedom. I frequently wonder if intimidators feel better, and experience more power when they are able to disempower us by any means necessary. 

What is happening today is certainly not the freedom that Mandela speaks about in Long Walk to Freedom. We are still living in a world that foolishly and falsely lures some people into thinking that they are only tall because somebody is on their knees. 

Slavery has lasted for over 400 years. Mandela stayed behind bars for 27 years. There have been moments in our history when it seems as if we are making strides and progress towards equal rights and then someone decides that it is ok to end the life of a black person, without impunity. This pattern is consistently woven into our life’s quilt.

This means that we have to start all over again to be vigilant, to be watchful to teach our young men to be careful when they are out because many do not wish them well…and do not have their best interest at heart.

Remember though that this is our world as well and we need to be mindful that others do not scare us into believing that we are second class citizens. Let us keep going back to our source of energy and strength. Let us encourage each other. Let us read uplifting books. Let us watch movies that will bring joy to our lives. Let us dance and sing. Let us pray and meditate. Let us breathe. Let us demand and claim our bliss.   

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